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Bang Ja is an unnamed bang ja which had served two Angyo Onshi, Aria and Munsu. As their bang ja, he acts as their servant. His duties including preparing foods and also helping his masters in their efforts as Angyo Onshi.


As Aria's Bang JaEdit

As his bang ja, he, Aria and sando travelled around the world to punish corupt officers. He actively helped his master by secretly recording evidences of the officers' corruption. Although he is brave, he is also careless, proved when Bang Ja recklessly stole his mahai to help a girl who lost his father because of his debt to a lord, without knowing the whole truth that her father is working to pay his debt thanks to the lord's kindness, who actually is a minister of Jushin's internal affairs. Due to his crime of disguising as an Angyo Onshi, stealing his master's mahai, and used it against the lord that is not corrupt at all, the lord punished him with Tae Hyung, a cruel torture in which the victim is whip-slashed a single time with a poisoned whip that cause great pain than any other torture. However, Aria, who arrived in time, take his place instead, by taking the blame and acted as if he is the one that ordered Bang Ja. Thus, taking his bang ja's responsibility, he prepared himself for the painful torture. After undergoing it, he suffered nightmares months after that. Their friendship, though, grew stronger.

However, their friendship must end after the destruction of Jushin, as Aria's one-horse mahai is rendered useless. Because of it, he told bang ja that he planned to go back to his village along with his sando and ordered Bang Ja to do the same. However, secretly, Aria was actually still doing his duty as an angyo onshi and fought an evil land lord. But, since his mahai cannot be used, he was executed along with his sando. The lord showcased their head, which was seen by Bang Ja about a month after their parting.

Their dead saddened him. On that day, in their grave, he swore to find another angyo onshi, and with him, destroy evils until his death. In order to search for him, Bang Ja set out on another journey.

As Munsu's bang jaEdit