Chun Hyang Character Mugshot

Chun Hyang as depicted in character introduction page.

Chun Hyang is Munsu's sando. Together, they traveled along to destroy evil and corruption.


Meeting MunsuEdit

Before becoming sando, she befriends Mong Ryong, helping him in his veterinarian duty. As time passes, the two fell in love. However, the lord took her away. Mong Ryong, determined to save her, tried many times to become an Angyo Onshi and free her. Unfortunately, since Jushin has now been destroyed, his effort is useless, and in journey to return home, he was killed by monsters.

Chun Hyang, still in captivity of the lord, was hypnotized to be used as his powerful soldier, since she has the natural talent of a slayer. At the time of the hypnotize finished, Munsu, an Angyo Onshi came and ordered his Phantom Soldiers to kill the lord. It was at that time Chun Hyang came and, while hypnotized, killed the Phantom Soldiers and cornered Munsu. When she about to kill him, she spotted the hair band Munsu wears, and recognizes it as the one that she gave to Mong Ryong. Remembering her memories when she gave it to Mong Ryong, she breaks free from the hynotize and collapses afterward.

After the lord is killed by the townspeople, she visited Mong Ryong's grave along with Munsu. There, he apologized for not being able to save Mong Ryong, but not telling the real events that happened. Chun Hyang, remembering her promises to Mong Ryong, offering to become Munsu' sando.

Becoming SandoEdit

After Munsu accepted her to become his sando, they traveled together. Initially, their relationship is not going well, since she doesn't know the true nature of the world. In a flashback, when they traveled across the desert, they encountered a person trapped in a quicksand. Munsu, however, ignored him, while Chun Hyang instead saved him. Angry due to his unwillingness to save someone, she parted ways. But, later we know that the person, in fact, is a bandit. Munsu, which found him suspicious ever since they met, followed him to his group's camping site, and used the mahai to kill all of them.

However, a pack of monster appeared suddenly, smelling the dead corpses. Due to promises he made, the Phantom Soldiers cannot fight monsters, forcing him to kill them himself. Fortunately, Chun Hyang arrived in time to assist him. After finishing all of the monsters, they gradually began to trust each other.

Her past before meeting Mong Ryong is unknown as herself cant remenber it, the fact that a dragon was flying far above her when she was discovered makes it an even bigger miystery. ( it is probable that the dragon dropped her )


Chun Hyang wears an orange cape, which covered her body. Later, while serving as Aji Tae's sando, she wears black version of the cape.