The three-horses mahai

A Mahai is a golden circular-shaped medallion, with engraved horses, from one to the maximum of three. The legal possessors of mahai are Angyo Onshi, though other people who understand justice might be able to use it.

The only person capable to create mahai is Mito. But, after his waresmith was destroyed in Chapter 61, it is unknown whether he is still able to make one.


Mahai serves as an identification of an Angyo Onshi while doing his/her duty. Though, they are prohibited from revealing it to anyone unrelated to their duty, especially district leaders and their family.

When held straight up, and the user shouts "Angyo Onshi no Odemashida!", a group of soldiers will be summoned. Depending on the mahai, the soldiers that can be summoned ranges from normal Jushin soldiers to the elite, most powerful soldiers, the Phantom Soldiers.


Known users of mahai
Name Type of Mahai Reason of Possesion Uses Notes
Aria One-horse mahai Angyo Onshi Once (in "Bang Ja's Story") After Jushin's destruction, it was rendered useless. The current condition and whereabouts of it is unknown.
Hae Mo Su Two-horses Mahai ? Once (in "Song of Sky, Wind, and Stars") It's unknown how he came to posses it, despite he was not an Angyo Onshi.
Hong Gildong Two-horses Mahai Stolen from Hwang Once (in Chapter 40) She stole Hwang's double two-horse mahai when she was captured.
Hwang Two-horses mahai Angyo Onshi Repeated times She possesses the double two-horse mahai.


Three-horses mahai Angyo Onshi Repeated times The first mahai he received from Hae Mo Su was destroyed, which was replaced with a new, stronger one by Mito.
Unnamed Angyo Onshi Three-horses mahai ? Once (in Chapter 75) It's unknown how he came to posses it.


  • Hwang is only person that possesses double two-horses mahai. Whether other Angyo Onshi can also possess double mahai is not known.
  • Even though it is a magical object, mahai can still be destroyed. For example Munsu's mahai was splitted into two pieces by Won Sul. And later on, it was thrown into a fireplace, which resulted it to be heavily burned.